Jamie Miller is a freelance dress designer & seamstress based in Pittsburgh PA.


For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been mesmerized by the flow of fabrics, especially those that danced across a stage. this led me to study costume design at the Conservatory at Point Park University before going on to stitch for costume shops throughout the city including City Theatre, Bricolage, Pittsburgh Irish & Classical Theatre, Pittsburgh Playhouse, Zany Umbrella Circus and Barebones Productions.  After becoming a mother to two wildly creative boys, I stepped away from the drama and demands of theatre life and into freelance design. I now focuses on creating one of a kind performance ensembles for top tier competitive ballroom dancers, cirque artists, cabaret and belly dancers.  My favorite projects involve the tedious, delicate, hand sewing for restoring antique garments from the late 1800’s through mid century. I also love the nostalgia of reincarnating heirloom wedding gowns for a new generation to walk down the aisle.

I believe that every human possess incredible strength, power and beauty, and as a designer encourage my clients to embrace that essence from within as we work together to showcase that energy outwardly, through my designs.